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The MBG Series

Uses firewood, wood waste, branches / twigs or coconut shells as fuel. The Gasifier system catered by us is the MBG series. MBG series is meant for firewood, wood waste or other wood-like materials. Biomass may have to be cut to size and moisture content has to be less than 30% (on wet basis) for woody biomass.

The MBG Series
  • MBG-05Upto 50thousnd K cal/hr15-20 Kg/hr
  • MBG-10Upto 1 lac K cal/Per hr 35-40 Kg/hr
  • MBG-20Upto 2 lac K cal/Per hr 70-80 Kg/hr
  • MBG-30Upto 3 lac K cal/Per hr 105-120 Kg/hr
  • MBG-40Upto 4 lac K cal/Per hr 140-160 Kg/hr
  • MBG-50Upto 5 lac K cal/Per hr 175-200 Kg/hr
  • MBG-60Upto 6 lac K cal/Per hr 210-240 Kg/hr
  • MBG-70Upto 7 lac K cal/Per hr 245-280 Kg/hr
  • MBG-80Upto 8 lac K cal/Per hr 280-320 Kg/hr
  • MBG-90Upto 9 lac K cal/Per hr320-360 Kg/hr
  • MBG-100Upto 10 Lac K cal/Per hr360-400 Kg/hr

Models with higher output in KCal can also be proposed depending upon the specific demands of the customer.

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