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Fuel Saving

Depending upon the moisture content there in the wood, one liter of oil can be saved through the use of either 3.5 to 4 kg. of wood. By evaluating the likely price of the material and the outlay of the liquid fuels, the economics in terms of the cut back in the fuel cost can be computed.

Comparision k cal values of different fuels viz a viz producer gas Biomass Gasifier Machine uses wood to produce producer gas which after cleaning process is just like LPG and can be used for various application in industry.

By using 1kg of wood in Biomass Gasifier, produces 2.4 kg of producer gas which has a kcal value of 1100kcal/kg. In other words has 2640kcal/kg (after conversion into producer gas)

Kcal value for different fuels is as follows :

Fuel Type Kcal/Kg Producer Gas Equivalent (Kcal/1100) in Kg Wood Equivalent (Kcal/2640) in Kg
LDO 9500 8.63 3.59
FO 9300 8.45 3.52
HSD 9200 8.36 3.48
LPG 112000 10.18 4.24
Note : Savings analysis for using producer gas vis-a-vis other fuels

The Base values that are taken for calculations are as under : 1 kg of wood =¬¬Rs 4.00/kg

Fuel Type Rs/kg or Rs/litre Wood Equivalent in kg Wood Equivalent in Rs Savings in Rs
LDO Rs 38.00 3.59 kg Rs 14.36 Rs 23.64
FO Rs 36.00 3.52 kg Rs 14.08 Rs 21.92
HSD (Diesel) Rs 43.00 3.48 kg Rs 13.92 Rs 29.08
LPG Rs 60.00 4.24 kg Rs 16.96 Rs 43.04

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